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Billy mate hot pink frosted waterpipe 30cm LV design


Billy mate hot pink frosted waterpipe 30cm LV design
Thick glass

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🔍 Key Features:

Billy Mate Logo: Flaunt the unmistakable Billy Mate logo, a symbol synonymous with unparalleled quality and style.
Shotty and Rubber Cap: Simplify your smoking ritual with the included shotty and rubber cap, ideal for hassle-free sessions without sliders.
Ice Catcher: Enhance your experience with the built-in ice catcher, providing an extra layer of coolness for smooth and refreshing hits.
5mm Thick Glass: Crafted from robust 5mm thick glass, ensuring durability and effortless maintenance.
Wide Base: Enjoy stability and prevent accidental tip-overs with the meticulously designed wide base.
Included Accessories: Each waterpipe comes with a 14mm Billy Mate cone piece and a glass diffused stem, both adorned with the iconic Billy Mate logo.
Large Base (13cm): This substantial base serves as the foundation for unparalleled stability, providing a secure platform to prevent accidental tip-overs during your smoking sessions.
🌬️ Indulge in Smooth Hits, Embrace Elegant Design: The Frosted LV 40cm Beaker Waterpipe isn’t just an accessory; it’s a statement piece that mirrors your refined taste.