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Total: $0.00

Credits and/or invoice adjustments will only be made to the Purchaser where the following has occurred:

Been invoiced incorrectly with reference to the original purchase order.
Has received a product of faulty workmanship.
Has received incorrect stock with reference to the original purchase order.
Credits will be calculated based on the price on the corresponding invoice.
The Purchaser must notify us in writing via email within 7 days of delivery if the goods delivered to the client do not match the order.
The Purchaser must notify Bongz Australia of any defect in the goods received.
The Purchaser may not be granted a credit if the Purchaser has used or lost, destroyed or disposed of the good or the good has been damaged after delivery.
Goods specifically ordered by Bongz Australia for the Purchaser will not be accepted for credit /return.
Credit will only be authorised/ issued if the stock being returned is in the original saleable condition it was received in.