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Glass blunt slider hitter pipe


A blunt slider is a perfect choice for those who want a convenient, discreet way to smoke on the go. It`s also reusable and recyclable, so it`s eco-friendly. These stylish glass blunt are easy to use and clean, so it’s well-suited to the busy smoker`s life.

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A paperless way to puff, puff, pass.

The ever-popular “Sesh Slider”is a glass blunt perfect on-the-go smoking accessory.

Shaped like a Hitter pipe but capable of so much more

Strains deserve all the glory, with no paper or glue detracting from the gorgeous essence of the herb.

Glass Joints create an elevated smoking experience with glass offering the cleanest, safest means for consumption with transparency to see exactly what you`re smoking. They are easy to fill, smoke evenly without runs, and are portable in your pocket.