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Gold Fluxion pipe filter technology filter


The Fluxion Pike tar filter is one of the first ever downstem attachments for filtering smoke. This product offers a much more healthier smoking experience, without filtering out the good stuff! The Fluxion Pike is designed with the highest of quality materials and is a must have for all smokers.

Nobody likes to think about the nasty tar that gets built up in your lungs from enjoying a smoke, but the fact is, it’s happening. Remove the tar, and remove the guilt, with the help of the Pike! The Pike is a Tar filter that uses activated coconut and seaweed based carbon filter technology that can remove 90% of tar and harmful chemicals from your hit, for a cleaner and smoother smoking experience. This attachment accessory will work with any water pipe that fits a 14MM male bowl. Simply place the Pike between your bowl and device to ensure that you’re introducing your lungs to everything that you want, and nothing that you don’t! The Pike can be used for both flower and concentrates, so you can always rest assured that any of your hits are nice and clean.

  • Filter Material: Charcoal & Seaweed
  • Exterior Material: Aluminum

The Pike Includes:

-1 Reusable Filter

The Pike Features:

-Removes up to 90% of tar and harmful chemicals when in use

-Can be used for flower or concentrates

-Fits any 14MM male bowl

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