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Playboy Bubble Glass Waterpipe – 18cm


Playboy Bubble Glass Waterpipe – 18cm

This Playboy Bubble Glass Waterpipe is design to be compact and sturdy at the same time. The bent neck of the water pipe reduces the chance of the water to get into your mouth while smoking.

Product details:

  • Measures 18cm in height (approximately)
  • Comes with a shotty to regulate airflow
  • Includes Australian metal bonza stem
  • Airtight with standard size grommet
  • Brass bucket cone piece
  • Bubble bent shaped water pipe to enable anti-splash
  • Mouthpiece size: 30cm inside diameter, 38cm outside diameter
  • Plain clear glass for easy cleaning

Comes in assorted metal stem colour, sent randomly.

Bubble bongs is one of the most popular shape water pipe that holds more water for smoother smokes. Like the beaker bongs the bottom part of a bubble bong is  wider that makes the structure of the water pipe more sturdy and making it less likely to get knocked off. It also makes the water less chance to get into your mouth as you take a hit.
This water pipe is made with clear plain glass that is non-porous that makes it easier to clean! No need to worry about any residuals.

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