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Limited Edition “Louis Vuitton” Glow In-The Dark” 35cm Beaker waterpipe Silver


Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Louis Vuitton Glass Beaker Waterpipe

Louis Vuitton Glass Beaker Waterpipe just oozes out class that will make every smoking session one of the best. If you just wanted a little bit more then your usual standard waterpipe then this one is the best one for you.

Gives a smooth smoke that is really easy on the lungs and with 7mm thickness for the glass its one of the sturdiest. Shines from a distance and great for showing off to your friends.

Product details:

  • Glass thickness is 7mm
  • Measures 35cm in Height (approximately).
  • It comes with an ice catcher
  • Comes in a Louis Vuitton
  • Glows in the dark

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Super 7mm thick solid borosilicate glass
All accessories included
Vuitton print